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Research interests

Environmental macroeconomics, growth and business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy, and macroeconomic modeling for policy analysis


"Short-Run Fluctuations and Long-Run Growth with Recursive Preferences" (with Alessandra Pelloni and Fabrizio Valenti), Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.

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Working Papers

"Stylized Facts on Intergenerational Household Finance: A Transatlantic View" (with Rebecca Clipal and Jean-Guillaume Sahuc ), 2024, Available at SSRN.

"Weather Shocks and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Climate-Vulnerable Economy" (with C├ędric Crofils), mimeo, 2024.

"Climate Policies, Macroprudential Regulation, and the Welfare Cost of Business Cycles" (with Marco Carli and Francesca Diluiso), Bank of England - Staff Working Paper no. 1036, 2023. Policy brief

"Business Cycles and Environmental Policy: Literature Review and Policy Implications" (with Stefano Carattini, Carolyn Fischer and Garth Heutel), NBER Working paper no. 29032, 2021.

Old (but evergreen) Working Papers

"IGEM-PA: a Variant of the Italian General Equilibrium Model for Policy Analysis" (with Barbara Annicchiarico & Claudio Battiati & Claudio Cesaroni & Fabio Di Dio and Francesco Felici), 2017 Working Papers 2, Department of the Treasury, Ministry of the Economy and of Finance.

Volatility and Growth with Recursive Preferences (with Alessandra Pelloni and Fabrizio Valenti), Working Paper no. 2016-04, The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis.

"150 Years of Italian CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth" (with Anna Rita Bennato and Emilio Zanetti Chini), CREATES Research Paper 2014-2 and CEIS Research Paper no. 320. New version here!

"IGEM: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model for Italy" (with Fabio Di Dio, Francesco Felici and Libero Monteforte), 2013, Dipartimento del Tesoro Working Paper no.4/2013.

"Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Italy, 1861-2003", (with Anna Rita Bennato and Andrea Costa), MPRA Paper no. 12817.

"Fiscal Rules and Sustainability of Public Finances in an Endogenous Growth Model" , (with Nicola Giammarioli), 2004, ECB Working Paper no. 381. Revised Version, 2009

Reports and Contributions to Conference Volumes

"Measurements of intra-industry trade: where do we stand? An analysis of Italian trade data" (with Beniamino Quintieri), conference volume edited by the Bank of Italy, Conference in memory of Stefano Vona: International Trade and Italian Trade Pattern, Rome, December 2001.